Accelerate Business Growth in Virtual World with XR central

XR Central (XRC), headquartered in Gurgaon[1], is among India’s most trusted and leading XR (Augmented, Virtual and Mixed reality) based product solutions startup. XRC specializes in building immersive and interactive virtual spaces, learning and training use cases across verticals and mesmerizing immersive digital experiences with an aim to positively impact brand recall and elicit a wow factor. XRC’s strategic partnerships with global brands like- 8th Wall Inc., ZReality GmbH[2], and Metastage Inc. (Microsoft’s Hyper-Reality Studio) places them very uniquely in the XR market space to deliver solutions that are of the highest quality, platform agnostics, and highly immersive. XRC already serves clients in – IT Services, Pharmaceutical, Aviation, Industrial, Hi-Tech, Retail, Culture & Museum and Events Industries. AR/VR/MR has been around for a while now, however, due to its high cost of development and device-dependent solutions XR technologies have rather been slow to be adopted by businesses globally. Anshul[3] Agarwal and Shrey[4] Mishra, the two enthusiastic founders of XRC, saw an opportunity to take XR technologies mainstream. With the focus to improve availability and accessibility, Anshul[5] and Shrey[6] have developed CUBE- one of the most advanced and fully immersive platform for experience building for brands across verticals. CUBE enables businesses to create and publish personalized virtual experiences in minutes. CUBE’s application includes creating- virtual experience & briefing centers, events, brand showrooms, concerts, museums and more. CUBE enables businesses to rapidly expand their growth strategies with the application of the right mix of XR-based technologies. The platform is scalable and adapts to customized spaces (3D) with options for real life like collaboration. The differentiator of the platform is the combination of a content management system and collaboration suite. The CMS enables the users to conveniently add personalized 3D spaces, create concurrent events, add collaborative features, micro-level analytic, and any custom engagement app. XRC believes that CUBE will uberize building the virtual world.

“Businesses have already started to think XR strategies. This is the best time for them to start deploying CUBE to their ecosystem, a DIY XR suite. As XR Central, we are committed to help our clients scale and accelerate their digital transformation journey” says Anshul[7] Agarwal. “As we transitioned from Gaming to technology, we realized that there is a lack of awareness of the potential of AR and VR. Having seen these technologies in action for close to six years now, XR Central understands the ecosystem and the opportunities that it’s application can bring to businesses globally. CUBE is a horizontal platform that will fit the need of every business.” says Shrey[8] Mishra.

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